Why the pandemic is creating plastic surgery trends

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While the pandemic has caused slowdowns in a lot of industries, there is one that you might not expect to be booming right now; plastic surgery.

You’d think that wearing a mask would damper people’s desire for things like botox or plastic surgery, but that’s not the case. Dr. Ben Tittle of Plastic Surgery of Texas says they’ve been busy since reopening their offices.

“I think it’s a confluence of lot of things,” says Dr. Tittle, “people have time to think about what they like to improve, they’re also looking for something positive they can do that is good out of all of this.”

He also says people frequently seeing themselves on zoom or masks accentuating certain physical aspects is driving a lot of people to come into his office.

One of the biggest procedures he says they’re performing is liposuction, partly due to he COVID-19 pounds people are putting on while stuck at home. However, liposuction is only for isolated deposits and not a weight-loss tool, says Dr. Tittle. Diet and exercise are still the prescriptions for that.

For more information on Dr. Tittle, visit PlasticSurgeryofTexas.com

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