Why is Jerry Jones being so quiet? Richie Whitt hopes Jones ‘comes down on the right side of history’

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FRISCO, Texas (KDAF) — There’s a lot to talk about going on in the world today – a pandemic, tense community/police relations, and systemic racism to name a few. Given football is attached to the hip of American culture, it’s not surprising all of those overlap with the NFL.

So why is Jerry Jones being so quiet?

Richie Whitt from Sports Illustrated and the Dallas Observer says Jerry is in a conundrum.

“He’s one of the most powerful and outspoken people, not just in sports, but people in Dallas-Fort Worth and across the nation,” says Whitt, “this is a topic, the Black Lives Matter movement, that resonates globally and transcends sports. He hasn’t said a peep.”

The Dallas Cowboys did release a statement calling for the end of systemic racism. But Whitt says Jerry has himself a problem and is stuck between his players, the NFL, corporate CEOs and even, as a donor, to the Trump campaign.

Whitt says “I hope he comes down on the right side of history, but his eerie silence deafening, isn’t it?”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has even said the NFL should have listened to its Black players and encouraged a team to sign Colin Kaepernick . Even then, there’s criticism that he hasn’t gone far enough.

Whitt would be pleased to see NFL leaders take accountability for previous comments and positions as long as progress is made. He says “it’s a great human being characteristic to evolve, to improve, to better yourself, I think we could all benefit from that saying ‘you know what, I thought that then, but now with more knowledge, experience, and information I think this now.’ What is so wrong with that?”

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