What’s in a name? These superstar acts know exactly how a simple name change can lead to success!

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The protest in America has sparked a change in some of country music’s biggest names like Lady Antebellum rebranding to Lady A and The Dixie Chicks changing their names to The Chicks.

Although both bands are well into their careers when they decided to change their names – what other music group in history didn’t quite make it big…until they changed their names?

TLC started out as 2nd Nature – with the original members consisting of T-Boz, Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopes and Crystal Jones. When the latter decided to call it quits from the group, the two remaining ladies had a vacancy to fulfill. Rozonda Thomas was a dancer for the group but eventually became the third member and went on to become Chilli and TLC was born.

Destiny’s Child
Before Destiny’s Child…there was Girl’s Tyme. Consisting of six girls, which included Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, they audition for Star Search back in the 90s. That name didn’t quite stick so they changed their name a few times eventually becoming Destiny’s Child. The original six became four and eventually became three – Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle.

Maroon 5
Unless you’re a huge Maroon 5 fan – you probably didn’t know that the band started out as Kara’s Flowers. They were even signed to a record label and released a full album. Why Kara? It was named after a girl that the whole group collectively had a crush on. Kara’s Flowers didn’t sell very well resulting in the band being dropped. After the band broke up and all went off to college – they eventually reunited, added a fifth member and became Maroon 5.

Before we knew them as the music sensation they are today, Chris Martin and co started out as Pectoralz. Quite a catchy name right? How about Starfish then? After shopping around a few band names, a fellow college student in a band named Coldplay suggested Martin’s band go by that name…and the rest is history.

Spice Girls
Like many of the girl groups formed today – the global powerhouses that eventually went on to become the Spice Girls were a factory made. After a grueling audition process, five girls were picked to form the girl group ‘Touch.’ When one of the members of this newly formed group dropped out because she couldn’t handle the rehearsal and schedule – they replaced her with Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice.) Geri Halliwell (or Ginger Spice) suggested the band change their names as well to ‘Spice.’ They eventually added ‘Girls’ to their names and went on to become the most successful girl group in the world!

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