Ways to get your children back in the routine of athletic activity

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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- School is near and sports and other actives are still up in the air about returning. However, some parents are worried about making sure that their children are prepared to return back to athletic activity.

David Hassinger, CEO and founder of Direct Orthopedic Care, has some words for these worried parents.

“Trying to maintain some kind of a base level of fitness is really important. One of the biggest risks that we see is if someone is completely de conditioned. They’re used to playing a 2 hour game, going back directly to that level of sport puts you at significant risk of injury.” Hassinger explains.

It is important to guide your children back to sports. Start your children out slow. Have them go out for activity for 30 minutes instead of an hour or two hours, and then gradually increase that.

Another important thing is to keep your children hydrated. Start them off drinking 16ounces before the 2 hours of their athletic activity. That will help prepare them for the intensity of the workout.

Many schools are requiring students to wear face masks in the classroom as well as outside for athletics. Parents are concerned for the safety of their children when it comes to this. However, unless you have an extended health condition, the children truly aren’t at risk. Considering the fact that the mask doesn’t have to be worn during active activity.

“In general, face coverings don’t cause issues as far as getting in oxygen for moderate level of activity.” David says.

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