Watcha Watchin’: Content is king for both viewers and businesses, but many need help cutting through the noise

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Usually on Watcha Watchin’ Wednesdays, we take you through the latest of what we’re binge-watching on various streaming services. Which, may seem odd given we’re a broadcast channel.

However, we live in the real world and know people are going to consume their content on many different platforms (we just hope to be one of them.

Mitch West, a Digital Futurist with Nexstar Media Group, our parent company, joined the show to talk about how both viewers and businesses navigate this fractured landscape.

As a media company, West says Nexstar isn’t afraid to embrace and utilize non-linear platforms (that’s fancy speak for not broadcast TV). He says “we’re on YouTube TV and Hulu live stream in our top 100 markets in the country.” To be clear, despite being in that top 100, CW33 is still working on these platforms – so stay tuned.

West says it really comes down to content.

Content is king and businesses need to go where their viewers are. “To put it in perspective, just imagine, there were 198 scripted programs in 2008,” he says, “last year there was 460.”

That also means things are getting crowded and people won’t be able to afford to pay for all those subscriptions. “At some point, you can’t pay for all of them. So I think people are going to be turning on platforms on and off. Like HBO Max and Showtime, they’re gonna watch their shows and then turn them off” says West.

Regardless, West says Nexstar plans to cut through the noise and go to wherever people are. If you’re a business and are looking for the way to do so, you can even contact our own Geoff Campbell, Director of Sales at CW33, at 214-252-3402 or

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