Was Trump’s car ride a reckless move?

Morning After

After President Trump took a ride despite being infected with coronavirus, a lot of people took to social media to criticize the move. Many were upset that they had lost loved ones and were not able to visit, meanwhile, the president comes and goes while actively infected with the coronavirus.

Even some doctors weighed in saying the move was not good for Trump’s safety and the safety of others.

We asked Dr. James Pinckney from Diamond Physicians his thoughts on the president’s decision to leave the hospital. From a medical perspective, he says “unfortunately this was kind of a reckless move by the president and he didn’t have an N95 mask on, he had a regular cloth mask on, so that was a little disappointing.”

Dr. Pinckney says he understand Trump has a message he needs to convey, but it could have also been dangerous for himself, saying oxygen levels could drop quickly.

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