To mask, or not to mask: Lawmakers and leaders spat over requiring people to wear masks

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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- COVID-19 is still fresh in the air, but many people have decided that wearing a mask is no longer necessary.

There has been a gray area as to who actually has control over the COVID-19 related regulations being set for certain areas of Texas. The Mayors of Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Arlington, and other areas of Texas, signed a letter to Governor Abbott for the authority to set rules on the use of face coverings.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said publicly that he wanted to enforce the recommendations of Dallas Mayor, Eric Johnson. Judge Jenkins expresses that he feels Governor Abbott may be offended by his honesty but it is his truth.

“We made requirements out of the Governor’s recommendations only to have his attorney Ken Paxton write us a letter demanding we rescind our efforts and saying they didn’t want the Governor’s recommendations enforced or checked on.” Judge Jenkins says in his statement.

Thoughts on the repercussions for not wearing a mask are potentially receiving a fine.

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