Tips to take your closet from cluttered disaster to personal boutique

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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- The struggle to find room in your closet and organize is a familiar feeling for many. Alexandrea Cohen from Styled by Cohen has all the tips to ensure an organized and spacious closet.

Alexandrea specializes in helping people declutter their closets and utilize different tools to store clothes and accessories.

Cohen says that the first step in organizing is to store away clothes from past seasons. Since it’s summer now there is no need for winter clothes to still be hanging in your closet. She recommends bins and baskets to store things such as clothes, hats, scarves, etc to create extra space.

Recommended places to buy baskets and bins are Target, Home Goods, Container Store. These places offer a range of colors, designs, and sizes to fit your comfort and need.

Clear bins and labels for bins helps you keep track of where your clothes are and makes it easier to bring them out when it’s time to wear them. These bins can be put in your closet, under your bed, in an outside storage unit, your garage, etc.

Another tip Cohen suggests is to get matching hangers to create a polished and organized look in your closet.

“The matching hangers are always so so key. It brings everything together and makes everything look like it has a home. Nothing is over fluffed, nothing is hanging off of a hanger everything is just nicely done.” Cohen says.

Amazon is a great place to get these matching hangers and buying separate clips to clip onto the hanger allows space for bottoms to be hung up as well. Cohen recommends using velvet hangers because they are thinner. For shirts with collars she suggests metal hangers to prevent stretching of the collar.

Genesis Women’s shelter is a resource for women who want to get rid of their unwanted clothes. These garments will then become available for anyone who is in need of clothes. To learn more about how to donate visit the website

To learn more about Styled By Cohen and utilize Alexandrea’s tips, check out her Instagram page @styledbycohen.

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