This sweet Angel is up for adoption! Meet the boxer that’s going to steal your heart.

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Meet Angel!

This sweet lady came to Dallas Pets Alive! because her original owner passed away from the Coronavirus. Poor Angel was full of fleas when she came to the shelter and was very skinny. Her previous owner might not have taken good care of her.

Thanks to DPA and foster care, Angel is now at a good weight and flea-free!

Angel is so social with humans, specifically men (so there’s a good chance her last owner was male.) However she’s not the most social with other pets so a single pet owner would be preferred. Sweet Angel doesn’t have a tale so her unofficial nickname is “Wiggle Butt” because her butt wiggles so much when she’s excited to see other people.

Angel is up for adoption OR to be fostered. Her current foster needs to focus in on other fosters so she doesn’t have time for Angel. We’re hoping you can step up and provide Angel with a new home!

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