This company is trying to keep Dallas’s restaurant scene sustainable!

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Plasticware has seen a dramatic rise since the the pandemic started, which isn’t great for the environment.

Up until the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cities and states across the U.S. were getting into the groove of switching out single-use plastic to paper products. Since then…we’ve backpedaled a bit and have reverted to using plastic again. Thanks COVID.

However, one Dallas-based company is trying to get Dallas (and hopefully the rest of the country as well) back on track to becoming sustainable once again…and it starts with the utensils you use when you get takeout!

“Takeout has tripled over the pandemic,” says Dillon Baxter, CEO of PlantSwitch, “and with that, the plastic waste resulting from takeout has also tripled.”

PlantSwitch’s goal is to create a more sustainable world through the use of biodegradable alternatives to plastic. They’re starting with the utensils you get when you order takeout.

One of their first products was another option to paper straws.

“Everyone knows about paper straws and I don’t think very many people like paper straws,” says Dillon.

With that thesis in mind, PlantSwitch’s straws are much sturdier than paper straws and are even stronger than plastic straws. That is also true with their spoons, forks and knifes.

Many Dallas restaurants have already made the plant switch and if you’re wanting to help the environment and cut back on single-use plastics – make a habit of not taking plasticware with your order or telling the restaurant not to include plasticware with your food.

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