This business center is helping women veteran entrepreneurs during the pandemic!

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Women CEOs have been on the rise in the last few years. The Fortune 500 list for 2020 saw 37 women leading Fortune 500 firms…which is at an all time high! A rise from last year’s record of 33 women leading Fortune 500 companies.

Even though women are slowing coming up in the ranks…veteran women have a harder time even starting their own businesses.

VR Small is a Navy Veteran and when it came time to find a job, she was qualified and had many offers. She worked all over the nation but when she looked into starting her own business…it became a lot harder.

“Texas is ridiculously veteran friendly,” says VR, “I saw all these great programs in Dallas for women and when I start making the calls…they didn’t have reps here [or] their Dallas program wasn’t really functional.”

VR moved back to Dallas in 2015 and at that time, there wasn’t even a women’s business center so she took it upon herself to build one. She founded the Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center.

The Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center has everything veteran women would need to start their own business. They provide resources and information on how to get going, classes to train women on marketing, the center has a co-working area for women to collaborate and share ideas (this was pre-covid of course), a conference room for meetings and a centralized area for training and so much more.

Like many businesses, the Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center has had to adapt to the pandemic with more teletraining and personalized coaching.

“Our mission is to help women veteran entrepreneurs scale for success.”

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