The end of the Ellen era? Backlash towards Ellen DeGeneres could result in the ending of the show

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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- The long run of the talk show, Ellen, could be coming to an end.

Ellen DeGeneres, host of television talk show, Ellen, has received a lot of backlash and complaints about her behavior and attitude towards the workers and guests on her show.

Celebrities like Brad Garrett and Lea Thompson have spoken out to confirm the allegations of Ellen showcasing unpleasant behavior while they were guests on her show.

After the recent influx in complaints, Ellen apologized but still continued to receive backlash. Rumors have gone around that Ellen feels that the best way to save her name and reputation is to disassociate herself with the well-known talk show.

Talk a James Gordon replacing her started making the rounds, but inside staff say Gordon, as of now, is not taking over the show.

No official announcement has been made.

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