Texas firefighter found dead, wedged in window at Cancun resort while on vacation

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DALLAS — The stepfather of Elijah Snow, a North Texas firefighter who was found dead while on vacation in Cancun, tells the Daily Mail he does not believe his stepson’s death was an accident.

In an exclusive report, David Oujesky gave DailyMail.com a detailed account of the events leading up to Snow’s death.

Snow was found dead hanging from a window at a Cancun resort while celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife Jamie.

Photo courtesy Daily Mail.

Oujesky told Daily Mail the couple made their departure to Cancun and checked into the Royalty Chic Suites in Cancun on Sunday, July 18.

After cleaning their hotel room and eating dinner, the couple went to the first-floor bar of the hotel.

Photo courtesy Daily Mail.

Oujesky said the couple had a small argument at about 9:30 p.m. and Jamie went back to their hotel room shortly after.

Elijah and Jamie both had consumed alcohol that day and Snow was described as inebriated.

The following morning, Snow was found at the Sunset Resort next door where a gardener discovered his body at 7 a.m.

Snow’s body was seen protruding from a tiny window in a locked employee bathroom behind the stage of an outdoor theater.

Jamie woke up at 4 a.m. and noticed Elijah had not made it back to bed and began searching the hotel for him. She then sent a message to a private Facebook page she joined for hotel guests and alerted hotel security.

A police search of the hotel began shortly after. Police later told Jamie her husband was found dead but refused to allow Jamie to see the body.

Snow’s family provided post-mortem photos to the Daily Mail, showing heavy bruising and cuts that were not present earlier in the day when Snow was photographed on the beach.

The family has retained a local lawyer and spoken to an FBI agent working in Mexico.

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