Texas-based ScriptCo is pulling back the curtain on medication prices, and saving people a ton a money

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WOODWAY, Texas (KDAF) — Covering the cost of healthcare is a challenge for many Americans, even for those that have health insurance. Once someone is able to receive care, paying for any prescriptions is a whole other hurdle to get over.

The high cost of prescription medications has been an issue and political talking point in recent years, especially considering pharmaceutical companies are some of the most profitable companies in America. When you go to buy your prescription at a pharmacy, you’re not only paying what the manufacture sells the drug for, but also any markup the pharmacy adds on top of that.

Texas-based ScriptCo is changing that.

Instead of marking up the price of prescriptions to make a profit, ScriptCo is going the way of streaming services (and pretty much every other service) and offering a yearly membership.

Their members only pay the wholesale cost that ScriptCo paid for the medication. It’s not only saving some people a lot of money, but it’s also pulling back the curtain on the pharmaceutical industry and why some medications are so expensive.

Some of the examples are jaw dropping.

Norvasc, or amlodipine, is a common treatment for high blood pressure. A traditional pharmacy’s cash price is $1601.82.

ScriptCo’s price is $0.90.

ScriptCo’s President Zach Zeller told Morning After that the savings aren’t only for people without insurance. He says “Traditionally about 80% of the time, if you’re using a generic medication and you are using your insurance, your co-pay, or your deductible, or your co-deductible is going to be much higher than the wholesale cost.”

A membership for ScriptCo is a yearly fee of $120, or billed quarterly at $45.

For more information, visit scriptco.com

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