Sponsored Content: Pure Farmland gifts Bonton Farms $20,000

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PURE FARMLAND SPONSORED CONTENT — Bonton Farms gives so much back to the community and earlier this week they received a big surprise from the national brand Pure Farmland who presented them with a check for $20,000.

This year is the second year of Pure Farmland’s Pure Growth Project – a program that supports community gardens in neighborhoods and preserves essential farmland where America’s food is grown.

Lauren Connelly, associate brand manager at Pure Farmland, said, “It’s so humbling to be able to support these garden projects, who are really embodying our mission and giving back to the communities and making sure that everybody has access to local sustainable produce.

Pure Farmland has received more than 100 applications from over 29 different states across the nation and they selected 55 of those applicants to receive awards.

“It’s a huge honor and surprise. [It] really helps us as we’re trying to bring urban agriculture into the city, specifically the intercity communities that are classified as food deserts,” Daron Babcock, CEO of Bonton Farms, said.

To learn more about Bonton Farms, you can go to BontonFarms.org. Or you could see the farm for yourself; it’s located at 6915 Bexar Street.

You can learn more about Pure Farmland and its mission by going to Pure-Farmland.com

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