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Sponsored Content: Chalice Parr lost more than 10 inches off her waist through Innovated Lasers of Houston

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INNOVATIVE LASERS OF HOUSTON SPONSORED CONTENT — When several people asked Chalice Parr when her baby was due, she knew she needed to do something about her weight.

Parr said she dieted for two months with very slow results. After she only lost seven pounds, she said decided to go to Innovative Lasers of Houston.

According to Parr, as of July 15, she lost 10.45 inches off her waist and about nine pounds, after doing nine sessions over the course of five weeks.

Now Parr said her clothes are fitting better and she continues to lose more weight.

Innovative Lasers of Houston specializes in the Zerona laser, which has been on the market for more than 10 years.

The laser is approved by the FDA. There is no heat, coldness or downtime.

Innovative Lasers of Houston offers a transformation package, which includes:

  • Six Zerona treatments
  • Six Vibrogym sessions
  • A personalized nutrition plan

Innovative Lasers of Houston will be opening a new location in Dallas soon.

Click here for more information about Innovative Lasers of Houston.

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