Shooting at Austin protest brings another topic to the debate – gun laws

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AUSTIN, Texas (KDAF) — Over the weekend a protester at a Black Lives Matter protest was shot and killed in Austin, adding yet another complex topic to the debate – gun control and safety.

Details are still coming in as the story develops, but 28-year-old Garrett Foster was fatally shot Saturday during the protest by a driver of a car that came near protesters and honked. Foster was legally carrying an AK-47, and witnesses say he walked towards the car. The unidentified driver, who claims Foster pointed the rifle at him, fatally shot Foster several times before driving off and later calling 911.

Some media outlets outside of Texas are pointing towards lax gun laws allowing for such a tragedy to occur. While Foster was legally carrying the weapon, it raises the question of if he meant to inflict harm on the driver or not, and if just carrying weapons openly escalates already tense situations. Those supportive of gun laws in Texas may argue it’s not the law that is at fault, but the people involved.

A GoFundMe setup to help cover expenses for Foster’s family says Foster was protecting his fiancée, who was in a wheelchair.

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