The burden of better: why always trying to get ‘better’ can actually be a hindrance

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‘Be better’ is the primary foundation to any sort of self-improvement or self-development; be better than you were, better than others, be better than the best. But what if the drive to ‘be better’ is actually a hindrance and not a driver?

That’s what author Heather Creekmore is getting at when she talks about the ‘burden of better’

“It’s more about getting rid of the elusive concept of ‘better'”, says Creekmore, “there’s always ways that we can grow and change, and that’s healthy, but if we’re always climbing the ladder of comparison where we feel like we have to keep up with ‘her or her or her’ or ‘him and him and him’, it never stops.”

She says you’ll never reach the destination if you’re just always striving for ‘better’.

So how do you improve without getting caught up in the ‘always trying to be better’ trap?

Creekmore says you first need to have an abundance mentality instead of a scarcity mentality. Meaning you see there’s enough room for everyone to have success, not just a select few people who are all competing for the same thing.

Another piece of advice Creekmore has is to be mindful of comparing yourself to others when on social media. She says she regularly does a ‘gut check’ and if someone or their posts regularly makes her feel off, jealous, or ‘eeh’, then she unfollows them.

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