Second Shot: So you got a dog during the pandemic? Here’s how to train them

Second Shot
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During the pandemic as many people have been confined to their homes, they determined it was time to get a dog or puppy.

After a few weeks, the honeymoon phase might wear off and its time for training. Chloe Anchondo of Rooted Dog Training has some advice on how to make the process easier.

First, regardless if it’s a puppy or adult dog, Anchondo says get into training as soon as possible. For puppies, don’t worry about the sitting and staying. Focus on the basics like potty training and walking on a leash.

Around the nine-month mark is when many puppies begin to display behavior issues. The number one tool Anchondo recommends is the crate.

“Part of implementing structure is introducing the crates,” she says, “because now you have a way of managing the dog, rather than allowing them to free roam and go potty in the corner or on the rug over there, right?”

If looking at your dog in the crate tugs on your heart strings, it’s not as bad as you think. Anchondo says it’s really about creating situations the dog already understands. Dogs instinctively live in dens, so the crate pantomimes that experience.

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