Second Shot: How Danyel Surrency Jones de-risked her business and became a powerhouse in the boardroom

Second Shot
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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- The sports world continues to advance with new technologies and support for athletic development. COVID-19 has negatively affected the sports world and related companies, however, some have been able to remain afloat.

Danyel Surrency Jones, CEO and Founder of PowerHandz, has managed to keep her company above water and successful during this pandemic.

PowerHandz is a global athletic training and rehab products company that designs technology to enhance human performance. These products are sold in more than 80 countries and used by both professional and youth athletes.

Jones explains that her and her team had to sit down and analyze the analytics to de- risk themselves. What are people buying? What are their buying behaviors? What do they need from us?

Jones and her team also served through the Power To Give Foundation, by donating product to kids whose parents can’t afford them right now.

Danyel explains that it has not been an easy road to success and finding her confidence as a leader.

“The first 16 years of my career, I had it, I lost my voice, and then I gained it back. As an entrepreneur, you have no choice but to own your voice and own who you are. The first bit of advice is that you have to be you. You can not pretend to be anyone else…Now I am very comfortable in my skin”. Daniel says.

To learn more about PowerHandz or purchase products, visit the website at

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