How to protect your kids online when they’re learning from home

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What kids are doing online and who they come into contact with is a source of concern for parents at all times. It’s going to be amplified as schools start back virtually and kids are spending more time online.

John Ansbach is a cyber security expert with Aon Cyber Solutions and he has some easy tips for parents to keep their kids safe.

Use a VPN

This will help shield your child’s IP address and prevent others from finding out their location. Ansbach references something easy like Express VPN.


An old but still useful tool against malicious software

Strong passwords and password hygiene

Even your kids needs strong passwords. Plus, teach them to change them regularly.

Parental control software

Use a software that will apply parental control to a browser or device and allow you to monitor activity.

Router-level control

You can apply all the secure measure to one device, but that does nothing to protect other devices in your home. To do that, you’ll need router-level control. It sounds scarier than it is. Things like Cloudflare and Open DNS will help protect all devices and users on your home network.

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