How a bold move gave Sarah Frey’s farm a second shot and a deal with one of the largest retailers

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Sarah Frey was the youngest of 21 children and grew up in rural poverty. Today, she is CEO of Frey Farms, which she founded at the age of 16.

Frey Farms is now the largest grower of pumpkins and sends fruits and vegetables all across the U.S., including here in Texas.

It wasn’t always a growing season. Frey recounts how ‘cold calling’ a distribution center by walking in the door without an appointment eventually landed her a partnership with one of the world’s biggest retailers – Wal-Mart – and saved the farm from extinction.

For anyone that finds themselves in a small rural town and can’t wait to get out, Frey has some advice on finding success. She says “the best advice that I can, is that sometimes, ultimately the life that we dream of escaping is ultimately the life that we can build on and expand upon, and be successful in.”

Frey says, for her, it was just a matter of looking at a new way of doing things. She knew she couldn’t grow traditional crops and be successful, so she chose the path Frey Farms is currently on.

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