Dallas’ Kristen Geez tells how she got a TEDx talk and what goes into it

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Giving a TED Talk is probably something most of us only really consider when we’re giving that epic speech in our heads…in the shower.

But for Kristen Geez, it was a a ‘top 100’ list of things she knew she wanted to do. Geez is a digital content creator, training consultant, TEDx speaker, author, and founder of Advising Generation Z.

While she was consulting with a Fortune 500 company, one of the leaders urged her to share her story with a larger audience. On her drive home from the meeting, she decided to look up what the requirements for a TED talk are.

In short, it’s a lot.

“There’s a whole interview process, you submit a video, and then you audition,” says Geez, “for the TED talk that I did, there were about 200 people who were also auditioning, and they only choose 10.”

If you’re one of those 10 chosen, that’s when the work actually begins.

After she was selected, Geez went through three months of weekly rehearsals and was even assigned a coach to help her prepare. Once you’ve written and memorized your speech, performative practice starts.

“It was a very tedious process,” she says, “at first I thought I could just, like, wing it. And then I realized ok no I’ve got to practice 3 hours a day in order to be prepared for that moment.”

All of the preparation paid off when Geez was able to be on that stage and be present for her talk. It also allowed her to keep flowing despite some technical difficulties with her presentation.

You can watch her TEDx talk “How To Make A Bully Resign – Advice From A Former Bully here.

For more on Kristen Geez visit advisinggenerationz.com or kristengeez.com

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