SECOND SHOT SITDOWN — Jacob Schick is the CEO of One Tribe Foundation which is a nonprofit committed to preventing suicide and educating on suicide in first responders, front line workers and their families.

Jacob is a third-generation combat marine who, after a tank mine blew up below his vehicle, suffered a traumatic brain injury. Physically, his body was rife with bone loss, burns and compound fractures. One of his legs was amputated below the knee.

He joined our show to explain what happened in 2004 and how he’s taken a second shot at life.

An upcoming fundraiser hosted by Major League Baseball player and former ranger, Derek Holland’s charity 60 Feet 6 Foundation will benefit Jacob’s One Tribe Foundation. Chase Rice is performing.

It’ll be Nov. 11 at the Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory. Visit for info.

This interview is part of a 30 minute Second Shot Sitdown. Click here to listen to the full episode.