Scream hotline helps people relieve stress

Morning After

DALLAS (KDAF) – Do you need a way to relieve some stress?

A teacher named Chris Gollmar has created an outlet called “Just Scream.” The line is free to call, but you can donate to help pay for the service.  

“Last fall I was looking for a creative project to work on in my spare time. I’ve done a few projects in this format, where I ask folks to call in and record something,” Gollmar told Mashable in an email. “I thought people would really respond to screaming because of the stress of the pandemic and US presidential election.”

Could this actually help you vent out the stress that so many of us have experienced during the pandemic?

Leigh Richardson, founder and clinical director of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas, joined Ron Corning on Morning After to see if it really could help you out.

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