Robert Riggs spent decades as an investigative reporter in DFW, now he’s turning his notes and sources into a riveting true crime podcast

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Robert Riggs has decades of experience as Peabody Award-Winning investigative reporter and storyteller, much of that time spent right here in DFW. Now, he’s taking his years of stories, reporter’s notebooks, and sources and creating the True Crime Reporter Podcast.

In his first season, he delves into the captivating case of Texas serial killer Kenneth McDuff that exposes dramatic and deadly instances of corruption in the justice system. You’ll need to check out the podcast for those riveting stories, but it’s dramatic for sure.

The stories told on the podcast aren’t just discussed from the headlines; many are straight from the source.

“Being an investigative reporter, I always hoarded documents and records,” says Riggs, “so I still have boxes of reporter’s notebooks from all of these stories.” Riggs also has access to and relationships with former law enforcement officials that he sat down with and opened up their old case files.

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