Restaurant Safety 101: Fort Worth Star-Telegram gives COVID-19 tips

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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- Restaurants have always been a scene of leisure and happiness for many. With COVID-19 being rampant and many restaurants closing their capacity levels, there are precautions that should be taken.

Fort Worth Star- Telegram has come up with a few tips to help ensure your health and safety if you do decide to dine in at a restaurant.

People 65 and over are advised to not sit in the restaurants, simply to avoid being a high risk to the virus.

Make sure that you use the restroom at home, instead of a restaurant, to avoid the spreading of germs or close contact with people.

Eating outside on a patio or balcony will help with social distancing and ensuring that you aren’t putting yourself in a situation to be a victim to the germs.

If you must open a door within the restaurant make sure to use your sleeve or a napkin to prevent touching the door with your hands. Using hand sanitizer after touching any surface is highly advised.

Menus and condiments should be single use only and it is recommended to use plastic silverware instead of the ones that are required to be washed.

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