No gym, no excuse! 4 easy home workouts for your quarantine life

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With the rising number of Coronavirus cases here in Texas, who knows how much longer gyms will be open…so we decided to ask David Williams, a fitness trainer in Dallas, how we can stay in shape (or start for some of us…no shame) during the pandemic.

Hip Bridge
Lay on your back, shoulders into the ground, squeeze your glutes (the butt) and then raise your hips up. Lock up and hold for a second or two as you contract. Then come back down.

Alternate Arm and Leg Extension
Start on all fours – make sure your back isn’t too rounded or too dipped, somewhere in the middle to create a straight line. Make sure your shoulders are back and your head isn’t dipped and that it’s even with your chest. Then you’ll extend out your arm with the opposite legs (so if you’re extending your right arm make sure your left leg is extended,) come back in and repeat with the other side.

Modified Push-ups
Start by leaning against a dining table, kitchen island or countertop in push-up form with your shoulders down and pull your neck in alignment with your body. Then you just go down to a 90 degree angle, hold for a sec and then push back up. To add a little more difficulty to the push-up, use different varying levels like a lower table or the stairs. Ultimately working your way to the floor to do a typical push-up.

Body Weight Squat
If you have stairs or an elevated step somewhere in your living space – let your feet hang just a little bit off the ledge and you’ll then go into a squat. Make sure that you push your hips back when going into the squat and using your body as a counter weight/balance – reach your arms forward as you’re going down.

Do these 4 workouts 5 times a day for 20 seconds, with 20 seconds to rest in-between each workout. The complete workout should take about 15 minutes…you have 15 minutes in a day to do these 4 simple workouts, right?

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