More than books: Dallas library shines during pandemic, offering job search resources, homework help, and even tutoring

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — When you think about the library, checking out books is likely the first thing that comes to mind.

It’s also probably the only thing that comes to mind.

Libraries offer much more than that, and for many, they’ve become a crucial resource during the pandemic. A surprise to those that thought things like the Kindle and audiobooks would spell the end to public libraries.

For starters, they’ve completely adapted to operating in a coronavirus world. At select libraries, you can pick your books online and have them delivered straight to your car when you arrive. The service will be available at all Dallas libraries in October.

As mentioned, it’s much more than just books. Jo Giudice, Director of Libraries for the Dallas Public Library says “We are really concentrating on job help, especially at this time, and all kinds of educational programming online.”

One of those services could be a big boon for parents trying to educate their kids at home. The library offers homework help and tutors for grades k-12.

All you need is a library card.

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