Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Plano as use and industry grows across the state

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AUSTIN & PLANO, Texas (KDAF) — Medicinal marijuana has been a hot issue in Texas, especially as state legislatures grappled with the legalities of it.

In 2015, SB 339 was approved and made the production of medical marijuana legal in Texas. Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC) is one of just three licensed medical marijuana producers in Texas and CEO Morris Denton says it was no easy road to get there.

However, five years after the law was passed, things are growing nicely for TOCC. Denton says the company is vertically integrated, meaning they handle everything from ‘seed to sale’. Based out of Austin, they sold their first medicine to a 3-year-old patient in 2018.

Medicinal marijuana, which can come in the form of a tincture, treats a variety of ailments and diseases that are potentially life-altering, such as epilepsy.

Denton recounts first hand the impact he’s seen the medicine have on the life of a Texas teenager. “She had been having hundreds of seizures a day since she was 5-years-old,” he says, “her life was defined by what she couldn’t do.”

Denton says she was on a cocktail of chemicals that wasn’t fully helping her and had a lot of side effects. Since starting medicine from TOCC, Denton says she’s off all of her medications and has been seizure-free.

Even though the production of marijuana-based medication is now legal in Texas, it’s not a matter of going down to the pharmacy and picking up your prescription. TOCC patients had to travel to Austin or pay delivery fees to get prescriptions. The company has now set up temporary dispensaries across the state to make it easier for patients to get access.

As of July, TOCC now has dispensaries in Houston, Katy, San Antonio and Plano. However, in order to access the dispensary, patients will need a prescription.

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