Live music is back in Dallas thanks to one man’s front yard!

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DALLAS (KDAF) – Live music is back in Dallas and it’s socially distanced! How is that possible?!

Matthew Kurzman used to book live music acts before the pandemic hit. Thanks to COVID-19, all live events have been cancelled. So what did Matthew do? He decided to host live concerts in his front yard.

One weekend, Matthew wanted to have a couple bands over but instead of cramming everyone in his backyard – he thought, let’s put them out front instead.

“If I have it in my front yard, all my neighbors can sit in their own yards and we can all enjoy the music from a safe distance,” says Matthew.

And no sound complaints from his neighbors at all. Most of them enjoyed it so much that they asked him to keep doing these events and that’s how Front Yard Concerts was born!

Matthew has said that many of the musicians he’s hosted would love for this to keep going after the pandemic. There’s a kind of magic that happens in the intimate space that Front Yard Concerts provide that many musicians can’t get in a more commercial space.

“Because it’s so casual,” says Matthew, “a lot of the musicians feel the freedom to be really experimental.”

All Matthew asks from patrons is to wear a mask, bring a lawn chair and a few bucks to help pay the band.

Recently, Front Yard Concerts was named the winner for “Best Live Music Series” by the Dallas Observer.

For upcoming shows, visit Front Yard Concerts Facebook page and for highlights of previous shows, you can head over to Matthew Kurzman’s YouTube page.

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