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Killing germs and viruses with…lights? How the Sanitize Station works!

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What is a Sanitize Station? Well Think Safe is developing a locker that can kill germs and viruses using UVC germicidal lights.

According to Anthara Patrice, the brains behind the product – using sanitizer just isn’t enough. “You’re just putting a film between whatever was there and yourself.” But the UVC germicidal lamps actually kill bacteria strains so that they can’t activate.

This isn’t a new technology – anyone who gets their nails done would know about these lamps. It’s what keeps bacteria from killing the nail beauty industry.

We were able to get a demo of the prototype and Think Safe is working on finalizing the product. However, you can pre-order a locker here and for every 2 that Think Safe sales, 1 will go to a Title 1 educator or an underserve community.

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