Kanye West is running for President and the #cancelHamilton movement is trending

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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- As the presidential voting time comes near, more surprises are being thrown out.

Kanye West announced on Twitter Saturday, July 4th that he would be running for 2020 President.

While many are confused and bothered by what they could consider to be his “ignorance”, many people are in support of his decision.

Alicia Corals from The Daily Mail explains that celebrities like Eli Musk have come forward with their support for Kanye. Other celebrities have now come out and jokingly stated that they would be running as well. The presidential campaign has turned into a joking game, that will hopefully end soon.

Broadway star, Nick Cordero, has died from COVID-19. He battled the virus for 94 days. Throughout his sickness he dealt with a couple of strokes and had to have his legs amputated due to blood clots. He leaves behind his wife and his son.

Over the weekend, Hamilton came out on Disney+ and many people aren’t happy about it. Since Alexander Hamilton was involved in slave trading, people say that he should be cancelled. On the other hand, many people are saying that not everything can be cancelled based off of past history and “mistakes”.

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