In the midst of this pandemic, visit an Urgent Care instead of an ER for minor needs, Dr. David Hassinger explains.

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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, many people are hesitant to visit hospitals for others needs that they may have. It has been recommended that people stop by urgent cares in their specific areas to be treated for those needs, rather than going to a hospital.

Dr. David Hassinger, founder and CEO of Direct Orthopedic Care, explains the importance of keeping orthopedic injuries out of the ER, to eliminate potential exposure to COVID-19.

While Urgent Cares are the safest route to go, sometimes you can be faced with an expensive bill due to your visit. Dr. Hassinger has some advice for that.

“You really just need to make sure in advance that that particular center is in network with your insurance. That’s the single most important thing.” he says.

Dr. Hassinger is seeing more kids come into his office due to injuries form people being more active outside now. For the kids that are athletes and have been taking a break from working out, it is important that they still do the proper things to warm up and prepare their body.

“It’s critical important to warm up and make sure that you aren’t making a huge jump in activity.” Dr. Hassinger explains.

For parent with kids that are dealing with anxiety during this time, it is important to assure them that things will get better.

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