Impress your dinner guests with a perfectly seared scallop using this one tip!

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If you’ve ever seared a scallop before then you know how quickly it can go sideways. NO MORE! The owner of TJ’s Seafood Market, Jon Alexis, fills you in on his secrets to searing a perfect sea scallop!

Tip 1 – Selecting the right scallops
You will want to buy dry sea scallops and you’ll want to make sure they’re also dry when you purchase them otherwise the price of the scallop might be higher than they’re suppose to be because the water is adding to the weight.

Tip 2 – Prep your scallops by drying them out
Dry is the name of the game for scallops! What you will want to do before you sear them is dab both sides of the scallop with a paper towel to make sure all the water is out, then you will salt the scallop and refrigerate them without a cover.

Tip 3 – Sear time is 2 minutes
Jon likes to use a cast iron skillet to sear his scallops and when you place it onto the pan, make sure they splash away from you. You’ll leave them on for 90 seconds (a minute and a half) and then flip them to the other side for 30 seconds.

Tip 4 – Scallops are the best item to really impress your guests
Searing a scallop is not difficult and they’re the easiest way you can impress dinner guests. Scallops pair with everything – a salad, over rice or mash, with pasta – the list goes on.

So there you go! A few tips to keep in mind the next time you want to tackle a scallop recipe! If you’re in Dallas, you can visit TJ’s Seafood Market to get your DRY sea scallops and plenty of other sea critters.

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