‘Huge breakdown’: Investigative reporter Robert Riggs talks law enforcement response in Capitol, threats to media

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — Investigative reporter Robert Riggs’ career has given him a unique perspective on the unrest that occurred in the Capitol. He was a Congressional investigator and worked in the Capitol building for 4 years, and he’s also done extensive reporting on crime and law enforcement.

“It was the worst attack on American democracy since 9/11” says Riggs regarding yesterday’s events.

Much of the focus during and after the events at the Capitol building has been on the response of law enforcement and how people were able to so easily breach a building that supposed to be impenetrable. Riggs says in terms of security around the Capitol building, there was a huge breakdown.

“I think it really reflects a breakdown that’s going on in the federal government,” he says, “it’s the same that we’re seeing that they can’t get the vaccination out to immunize everybody with the coronavirus.”

Another reason law enforcement was unable to stop the mob from entering the building, according to Riggs, was due to the tensions around policing. He says law enforcement have become reticent to use force.

As far as responsibility for the violence that unfolded, Riggs says he places blame on Rudy Giuliani and President Trump for taking what was a peaceful crowd and turning it violent. “Once Giuliani and Trump got on stage they whipped that crowd into a mob frenzy,” he says.

Given his decades long career as a reporter, Riggs knows the dangers of being a journalist in such a situation. Members of yesterday’s mob went after members of the media and damaged equipment.

Riggs says “I would be scared to be a street reporter in this day and age, just about anywhere.”

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