How to get an extra hour in the day

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DALLAS, TEXAS (KDAF)- Did you ever think that you could have an extra hour in your 24 hour day? Well your wishes have been answered, sort of.

Here are some tips to make the most out of utilizing your time during the work day:

  1. Say no to the meetings- During your work day, if you can, avoid going to the daily meeting. If it isn’t necessary or mandatory, skip out to give you more free time to relax or do other things.
  2. Work to a natural soundscape- This natural noise could be rain sounds, ocean sounds, etc. to block out the white noise.
  3. Put your phone down- When you’re working put your phone down. Don’t answer those calls!
  4. Do a to-do list- Write down your daily tasks, then scratch them off as you complete them.

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