How much money does Santa make?

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NORTH POLE (KDAF) — While it might be taboo to discuss ones salary, here’s a question that undoubtedly keeps you awake at night.

How much money does Santa make? We’re not talking about the mall Santa, but the…um…’real’ deal.

Well, now you can rest peacefully, as there is an answer! The website came out with their Santa Index for 2020 that details everything Santa does and the compensation it warrants.

According to their findings, Santa even got a 2% raise this year over last. Their calculations have ol’ St. Nick raking in $157,300 a year.

They breakdown each of his roles and the average median wage. At the lower end of the spectrum, he makes $13.31 as a gift wrapper. The upper end of his hourly wages is made up of being a pilot at $84.07 per hour. However, most of his time and salary come from running his workshop, which pulls in $129,730 a year at $44.55 an hour.

While he’s not a millionaire, $157K isn’t anything to shake a candy cane at.

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