Homeless LGBTQ youth need more than just a place to live, Dallas Hope Charities is creating the environment they need to thrive

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — When someone is homeless, the obvious immediate need is housing. However, the needs of unhoused people extend beyond that and it’s especially true for homeless LGBTQ youth.

Many LGBTQ teens that are homeless are not only struggling with the need for housing, but also with the root problems and trauma of how they got there, and the overall struggles of being marginalized.

The biggest reason for LGBTQ teen homelessness is family rejection.

Evie Scrivner, CEO of Dallas Hope Charities says “One hundred percent of our residents currently are with us because of family rejection. That is the biggest problem. Second would be aging out of foster care and not having anywhere to go.”

A traditional shelter is often not an option. Many LGBTQ youth face violence or other forms of harassment when in traditional homeless shelters.

Dallas Hope Charities is a non-profit dedicated to providing resources for LGTBQ teens that are homeless, but their mission extends far beyond just providing these youths a place to sleep.

Since being founded in 2016, Dallas Hope Charities has been buying buildings and creating livable spaces for these youth but also creating an environment many need to overcome the trauma and struggles they come from. More than just a bed, DHC is offering the love and support many of these teens have never experienced.

The pandemic has only exacerbated the crises, and Dallas Hope Charities is only just beginning to build and offer resources for LGBTQ youth in need.

Dallas Hope Charities is one of our longtime CW33 Good partners, and we’re teaming up with them on Dec 17th for the Ho Ho Hope virtual fundraiser from 7-8p benefiting all of the work yet to be done for North Texas LGBTQ youth.

For more information or to get involved, visit dallashopecharities.org

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