Get back to work: An attorney explains what you need to know if your job is making you return to work in-person

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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- COVID-19 prohibited people from working in-person for many businesses and employees, however, now more workplaces are requiring their employees to return back to in person work.

Sarah Rodgers, an attorney at Crain Brogden, clarifies there new guidelines and stipulations.

“These are stressful times and tough decisions, but unless you have a physical disability or some other medical condition preventing you from going back to work, if your employers says get back to work then you need to get back to work.” Rodger explains.

If someone contracts COVID-19 at work, legally the employer has the duty to create a safe space for the employees. If your employer carries Workers COMP then you’ll have to file a claim, if you contracted COVID-19 at work. if they do not have Worker’s compensation, you can file a lawsuit against the workplace.

The most difficult part about stating an argument of contracting COVID-19 at your work place, is “proving” or showing “evidence” that it was indeed contracted at the workplace and not anywhere else.

If you were to prove that you were exposed at work, your employer is supposed to pay for testing. However, there are free testing sites all around, so the wait for employers to cooperate shouldn’t stop anyone from getting tested.

A note from CDC states that employers should be checking the CDC guidelines, use common sense, don’t share phones, social distance, and employers should provide masks and hand sanitizers.

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