Forget the haunted houses this year, try a zombie safari for Halloween!

Morning After

As much as we want COVID-19 to stop ruining our fall holidays…that pesky virus is still around. That means going to a haunted house in 2020 is at your own risk and not many are in operation. But if you would still like a scare on Halloween…have you thought of going on a Zombie Safari?

Cousins Paintball in Dallas for the last 6 years have put on a Zombie Safari and it’s the best social distancing scare you’ll get this year.

According to Jed Allsup, the Vice President of Operations “it’s an intense hayride for all ages.”

You will be pulled around by a truck throughout the zombie infested area and your job (should you choose to accept it) is to mow down as many zombies as possible before the ride ends.

What differentiates this Zombie Safari from a haunted house is that, although a scary experience, it’s a different level of scary. “There is some scary elements because you’re going down a dark trail,” says Jed, “more startling but not as much gore and blood.”

Jed says the experience falls somewhere between a pumpkin patch ride and a haunted house. It’s fun for all ages – from little ones to adult ones.

This is a great social distancing activity for your “covid crew.” Each group gets their own spot on the ride so you won’t have to worry about the stranger next to you and all of it takes place outside.

If this is something you’re interested in, hurry up and book your time slot today! They’re filling up quickly!

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