Feeling a bit unmotivated during this time? Change your mental perspective with these key planning tips

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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- During this time of uncertainty in the world it is easy for people to feel stuck in the same routine, and have a lack of motivation or confidence in themselves. You are not alone, however, there are ways to help combat these emotions.

Dr. David Henderson, board certified psychiatrist from Four Stones Group, breaks down a plan for fighting off these feelings.

Dr. Henderson explains that a lot of people are feeling frustrated with the current state of their personal life, work life, etc. during this time. He works with his clients to help them plan for the things that they are passionate about, even if they can’t do those things right now with the current state of society.

Dr. Henderson’s perspective is to always have a plan C for your plan B. The people who are going to thrive during this time are able to change their focus in just three ways:

  1. Always plan A, plan C, for your plan B – Stop focusing on your future, and start focusing on your present.
  2. Focus instead of on your fears, focus on your fantasies – What are the possibilities that could come as of the results of the losses in your life, the obstacles that you are facing?
  3. To learn about the 3rd way, visit Dr. Henderson’s website at https://www.drdavidhenderson.com/ or purchase his book, Psyched 31: The 31 day Mental Detox, at https://psyched31.com/

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