February’s Black History Month but August is also an important month too!

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August doesn’t really celebrate many holidays – here in Texas, it’s mostly known for tax-free weekend and back to school. However, the entire month of August is all about being charitable. Why? Because August is Black Philanthropy Month!

Thanks to The Dallas Morning News and FWD DFW, we were able to speak with 2019’s Philanthropist of the Year, Akilah Wallace.

“Black Philanthropy Month was started back in 2011 by Dr. Jacqueline Bouvier Copeland and the Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network.”

According to Akilah Wallace, the movement didn’t become a national issue until 2013 when Valaida Fullwood and Tracey Webb gave this month its platform and awareness.

Wallace herself is a fellow philanthropist! She’s the Executive Director for the nonprofit organization Faith in Texas, who does community outreach for North Texas. However, her passion project is Heritage Giving Fund which she founded and considers it her “community service.”

Akilah started this program because black women and women of color were not well represented in the philanthropy and nonprofit sectors.

“I was able to see all these magnificent people making individual contribution. What I recognized was that I didn’t see as many black faces, Asian American or Latinas.” So she decided to fix that and create the representation that was lacking in her field.

So Black Philanthropy Month is a chance to bring light to those marginalized nonprofits and philanthropists out there helping their communities thrive.

And within this month is a big date – 8/28. Not only is this date historical, it’s also Black Philanthropy Month’s holiday – Black Giving Day. Similar to North Texas Giving Day or Giving Tuesday – Black Giving Day is a day to give back to those charities and nonprofit organizations that are sometimes the only resources many people of color have for information and help.

“This is an opportunity for black-lead nonprofits to make a call to action for financial contributions across the nation to support their organization.” Every little contribution counts and you don’t have to just donate money – think about donating your time and skills too! It’s a time for you to help those who help others.

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