Does it count or not? Mixed messages being sent to students and teachers around STAAR Test

Morning After

It’s a name that sends shivers down the spine of Texas students, parents, and teachers alike.

The STAAR Test.

If you’re a parent, that fear grows exponentially when you consider having to prepare your child for the test if they’re learning at home due to the pandemic.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced yesterday that for students in the 5th to 8th grades, advancement to the next grade will not be tied to STAAR test results during the upcoming school year.

Teachers, don’t exhale just yet.

Teacher performance will still be evaluated based on the STAAR test.

For the upcoming school year, it seems the STAAR test won’t count for some, it will for others, and will still probably stress everyone out.

The Texas State Teacher Association said the adjustments are still not enough.

“We are glad the governor suspended the promotion requirements for fifth and eighth graders that are tied to STAAR scores for the upcoming school year, but he didn’t go far enough. STAAR testing will still be wasteful and stressful at a time when teachers, students and their parents are stressed out enough over a deadly pandemic,” the group’s president, Ovidia Molina, said in a statement.

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