DIY…to-go? Get in touch with your crafty side!

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There’s takeout for food – now there’s takeout for DIY projects! AR Workshop Dallas “opened” it’s doors during the pandemic and while that in and of itself is a difficult move, Kendal Forman had a great idea…DIY to-go kits.

These kits are great for getting your own personalized message or whatever it is you’re looking to make on a wall piece, a tote bag, or a pillow case. It’s great because it’s your own creation and not something mass produced that you can get at…say Target or Anthropology. Plus that sweet satisfaction that YOU made it yourself. Imagine the country is open again, the pandemic is over and you can throw parties again – your friends will be like, “where did you buy this?” and you can say, “I made it myself.” (and if you’re anything like me and aren’t crafty at all, you will be bragging for sure!)

The other thing it provides is fun for your kids! Each project takes about 3 hours to complete and that’s 3 hours away from the iPad or TV and they’re getting creative and crafty. Plus, Kendal says that all the stuff in these DIY kits are toxin free so you don’t have to worry about the paint or glue or whatever could be harming your kids…your carpet and furniture however, whole other story.

Even our own Jenny Anchondo took this kit home and tried it out herself with her daughter and had a blast working on it. So when you’re stretched wondering how you can keep your kids busy while in quarantine – here’s a great option!

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