Dining, shopping and social distancing with the help of ‘parklets’

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We all know the pandemic buzzwords by now, right? Six feet, social distancing, face mask…so on and so on. So when Texas decided to open up after months of quarantine, I’m sure you were thinking…”how can we maintain social distancing, be six feet apart in an enclosed space and eat with face masks on?” Sounds impossible right?

Well Jason Roberts from Better Block took on the challenge and created a way for businesses to have outdoor seating and keep people socially distanced. How did he do it? With parklets!

“The pandemic made the opportunity for us to immediately implement them [parklets] because they were a great solution.” Parklets aren’t a new idea, according to Jason – they’ve been around for over ten years and started in San Francisco as a byproduct of the Park(ing) Day movement.

Essentially what these parkets do is turn parking spots and metered areas into a green space or a place to set up shop. Dallas had considered creating these spaces for some time now but never got around to it. Reopening the city was a great way to implement this idea and show how successful it could be.

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