Despite remarkable life-saving advancenents in HIV treatment, LifeWalk 2020 is vital to providing care in DFW

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — Anyone old enough to remember the beginning of the AIDS crisis knows the horrific number of lives lost to the disease. At the time it seemed a cure was no where near insight.

It’s remarkable, then, to see the advancements made over the last few decades in the treatment of HIV. While there is still no cure, life expectancy has soared and the disease can even be undetectable in some patients on treatment.

“We talk about a normal life span for our patients,” says Dr. John Carlo, CEO of Prism Health North Texas, “you know the medications are extremely effective, they’re extremely safe, they’re easy to take, it’s as simple as one pill once-a-day.”

Carlo says you can essentially eradicate the virus from the patients body and make them healthy again. In some cases, if on proper treatment, someone with HIV cannot spread it to someone else (that’s not a cause for not being safe or cautious).

Another rapid breakthrough is the ability for medication to actually prevent someone from getting HIV. He says “we taken everyday we have not seen cases of somebody becoming infected with HIV if they’re on effective treatment.”

Despite all of these advancements, HIV is still a problem for many people and communities. The annual LifeWalk is a way to help these communities get access to the care they needs and to these live-saving medications.

LifeWalk 2020 has gone virtual, and it’s still important to raise awareness and funds. For more information or to register, visit

Always consult your doctor before making any decisions about your health or medications.

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