Dallas pediatrician describes how he’s seen COVID-19 affect children, and if it’s safe to return to school

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — Every day brings a new concern or opinion about sending kids back to school during the coronavirus pandemic. Policies and strategies seem to differ from district to district, leaving parents trying to determine what’s happening and if its safe for their children.

Dr. Chris Dreiling, a pediatrician from Pediatric Associates of Dallas has some level input on sending kids back to school and how things are currently looking with children who contract the coronavirus.

Dr. Dreiling says their practice has seen an increase in children with COVID-19 over a few weeks ago. He says children do tend to fare better than adults with the disease. He says “by and large, what you’ve heard is true, that children, in general, seem to get less ill with this than their adult counterparts, and less frequent.”

The idea that kids recover more quickly is harder to determine, he says. According to Dr. Dreiling, children will have a fever and feel ill for a shorter amount of time compared to adults, but how long they’re actually ill is harder to determine.

Now, the big question – should parents feel safe sending their children to school?

Dr. Dreiling says “we are telling families that if there’s nobody high risk in their household, and the child themselves is not high risk, then it’s a good idea to send them back to school as long as they’re comfortable with their school’s protocols.”

Overall, he feels like we are making progress in the pandemic, and thinks masks have a lot to do with it.

“I think it’s unquestionable that weaing masks is the single most important thing that we’re doing other than social distancing,” he says, “I’m very pleased that’s now mandatory. “

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