Dallas is still building amid the pandemic, but it could slow and we still need more housing

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — If you’ve spent the last several months in quarantine lockdown (as you should), if you drive around Dallas you might run into a new building or two…or three or four.

Despite the pandemic and the resulting economic slow down, real estate development in Dallas seems to be continuing on as usual. Many of these projects were not born out of the pandemic, but were planned or started beforehand.

However, more than a dozen development projects have started or been announced since the outbreak of the coronavirus. In the first half of 2020, there was a reported $11.4 billion dollars in construction starts in North Texas.

One reason could be due to the areas diverse industries, many that are still thriving during the pandemic.

Many of these project would have been budgeted and funded before the pandemic, so it remains to be seen if things slow down as the economy catches up.

Even with all of the construction, North Texas still faces a housing shortage. In March, the Dallas Morning News reported that the state of Texas is short more than a half-million houses from what’s needed.

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