Dallas doc Tiffany Moon balances being a doctor, mother, and now TikTok famous

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — Dr. Tiffany Moon is a board-certified anesthesiologist who’s published two dozen manuscripts, reviews, and book chapters. She speaks internationally on her research and is also raising a family. That’s the highly regarded, serious medical professional Moon, and then there’s the famous TikTok Tiffany Moon who currently has over 62K followers.

In truth, they’re the same person and a result of an amazing balancing act by Moon of being a doctor, mother, and TikTok sensation.

She wasn’t on TikTok right out of the gate, but actually heard about the app when her 16-year-old daughter wanted to do some family dance bits during quarantine. Since then, it’s become a hilarious creative outlet for Moon and a counterbalance to her serious profession.

“The whole point of it is, it that it’s not serious. That you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously,” she says, “and I love to make people laugh.”

It’s also a way for Moon to find humor in the mundane or sometimes frustrating moments of everyday life. She says she doesn’t put a lot of thought into the ideas, just reacting to what happens around her.

She also likes the freedom TikTok provides, saying “They’re meant to be a little imperfect. You know, things will be a little out of order, or something doesn’t look quite right. And I say, ‘you know what, that’s just how life is. I don’t want it to be perfect'”

You can find Moon on TikTik at @tiffanymoonmd

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